Carpet cleaning: The 5 most popular methods carpet cleaners use

You have many choices when it comes to choosing carpet cleaners clicking here, whether for home use or business. However, you should be aware that each company uses a different method of carpet cleaning. They won’t all work for your carpet.

The carpet cleaning market offers a wide range of options.

Hotwater Extraction Clean

Steam carpet cleaners use high-pressured steam to clean carpets.

Hot water extract is a method of cleaning that involves applying the cleaning agent and brushing with an agitator before rinsing. The carpet will be “washed” by a carpet cleaner after the cleaning agent sits in the carpet for a period of time.

A carpeted 3000 sq.ft. area is approximately average. Offices will usually require 2 hours of cleaning followed by 4 hours of drying. Many companies recommend cleaning the carpet at the end so that it can dry the next day.

Carpet shampooing

In the 1970s, encapsulation technology began to gain popularity. While shampooing heavily-soiled carpets may be more effective, its disadvantages have led to it being less commonly used than other cleaning methods.


Foam encapsulation uses synthetic detergents which, when dried, crystallize as powder. As the cleaning soap dries, dirt particles become powder.

The foam encapsulation method is superior to carpet cleaning because it uses less moisture and dries more quickly. Foam Encapsulation Cleaning was endorsed by those who favor environmentally-friendly products. This is due to the fact that foam encapsulation has less chemical residues compared to carpet cleaning.

The technology is limited and this method cannot be used to clean carpets that are heavily soiled.

Bonnet Cleaning

This method produces a good surface because it only cleans the top portion. It uses a motorized heavy-duty machine with a spinning rag dipped in cleaning solution.

It is easy and quick to use. It is a quick and easy way to clean carpets, especially in high traffic areas.

In a short time, dirt would accumulate on the surface of carpets due to bonnets that do not clean carpets thoroughly. The carpet would become extremely dirty. Bonneting can cause chemical buildup in carpets, as the spinning pad and heavy machine tend to press dirty carpets into place.

Dry Carpet Clean

Dry carpeting (also called compound cleaning) has become one of the most common cleaning methods today. The carpet manufacturers approve it due to its high performance cleaning and the lack of drying time.

In recent years, many different cleaning powders are available on the market. There are some questions about the effectiveness of this method because it is relatively new compared with traditional carpet cleaning methods that have been around for decades.
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