Carpet Longevity Handbook

North Shore residences are an excellent example of a blend between comfort and cozy aesthetics. Why? Not only are carpets a great investment, they also make a beautiful addition to any home. Services like carpet cleaning North Shore are becoming increasingly popular. This is a sign that people care more about extending the life expectancy of these beautiful home furnishings. Get comfortable (preferably, on your carpet) and explore the solution to prolonging the lifespan of carpets. Take a seat (preferably on the carpet!) and unravel each thread of this magical thread – click for source.

1. A Vacuum Affair

North Shore’s pristine beach and beautiful sunsets also leave sand, dirt and other debris on your carpets. For a deep-seated dirt and sand to not settle into carpet fibers you need to vacuum with passion. Once or twice a day should help keep your blues away.

2. Rotate, but Don’t Agitate

Like us, carpets also like to change scenery from time-to-time. Your carpet should be rotated every few month to maintain even wear.

3. Spot-on Cleaning

It’s the little things that make us smile, like the accidental wine spillage and the artwork created by your kid using tomato paste! Don’t panic. Instead, focus on spot cleaning. Remember: Blot, don’t scrub. If you scrub, the spill only gets deeper in the fabric.

4. Padding for the Win

The purpose of padding underneath is not to provide comfort. It reduces foot traffic wear by acting as a cushion. This simple investment will increase your carpet’s life expectancy.

5. Professional Touch: It’s Not Just A Luxury

It is sometimes necessary to hire the pros. A professional North Shore carpet cleaning service does more than simple cleaning. You can expect a deep cleaning that will remove all dirt.

6. Don’t wear shoes.

Simple, right. Shoes are a magnet for dirt, grime and other outdoor contaminants. If you keep them on the doorstep, your carpet will have a much longer life.

7. Sun-Block Carpets

Carpets are susceptible to fading and degradation from direct sunlight. The vibrant colors in your carpet can be protected by installing blinds or curtain, especially when the sun is at its peak.

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