Motivations for plastic surgery may be personal

Plastic surgery can be criticized because it caters to vanity. Nevertheless, the criticisms are unjust. To want to be better is a natural thing. Many people choose cosmetic surgery to improve a certain aspect of their appearance. Most people seek cosmetic solutions to improve their appearance. Some cosmetic surgeries may even increase your confidence, read this.

If you would like to repair or minimize the signs of ageing, reduce breast size, or fix sagging due to pregnancy, then plastic surgery may be for you. It’s similar to wearing braces to get straighter teeth to undergo plastic surgery. Nobody will ever call you vain because you want to straighten and whiten your teeth. Even though cosmetic surgery is usually more extreme. Determining whether you want plastic surgery is a big decision. You should never rush into a decision about plastic surgery.

In 2005, The American Society of Plastic Surgeons published a report on the demographics of plastic surgery patients and their motivations. The study shows that not all people who have higher incomes are interested in cosmetic surgery. Some members from different socioeconomic groups have had plastic surgery performed.

ASPS study shows that many people seek cosmetic surgery starting as early as 18 years of age. As opposed to older surgery patients, younger candidates often seek cosmetic improvement, such a a rhinoplasty or breast augmentation.

The ASPS Study interviewed a number of its participants in detail. Cosmetic surgery was performed on people who felt strongly about some physical flaw. It was believed that plastic surgery would bring about emotional, mental or social improvements.

In California, I’m a cosmetic surgeon that helps patients to understand and analyze their motivations. The healthy patients may want to change a body feature they don’t like. The way you see yourself is the key to your confidence. Even if the world doesn’t judge you too harshly, only you are the person who will make this judgment.